Optional Tour

Tour Program

Tour Title Price (USD) Date / Time
JSA Tour $25 25 October. Thursday / 09:30 to 17:30
Korean Culture Tour Free 26 October. Friday / 13:00 to 17:30

Korean Culture Tour is free offered by tour agency. Optional tours are irrelevant to ITMIG

Contact Information: E-mail , Phone +82-2-794-7348 (Ms. Jessica Kim)

Deadline for Tour Application September 30 (Sun), 2018

* JSA tour costs must be paid at the time of pre-registration.

* You must complete a separate application form on the tour application page.

October 25 (THU), 2018

1. JSA Tour
Due to the circumstances of the Organizer, the program may change.
  • (1) Date: 25 October. Thursday
  • (2) Schedule 09:30 to 17:30 Grand Walkerhill Hotel Pick-up (only in Seoul) -> The War Memorial of Korea -> Imjingak Park -> Tongil village(in-car tour) -> Lunch(Bulgogi) -> check Identification(passport) after the arrival of Unification Bridge -> Camp Bonifas (Briefing & slide showing) -> JSA tour (Freedom House, Military Armtistice Comission Building, The third Guard Post , Bridge of No Return) -> Go back to Seoul -> Arrive at President Hotel(Grand Walkerhill Hotel)
  • (3) Things to Prepare : Tour Reservation and Submit a passport copy 10 days before the tour (requires U.N. admin area pre-authorization)
  • (4) Fare: $25 (including the actual tour cost of CU95,000/ Tourist interpretation guide, vehicle, entrance fee, lunch and hotel pickup services)
<Matters to be attended>
  • • Available from Tuesday to Friday, Except National Holiday & Military Training day.
  • • Koreans Not Allowed
  • Children under the ages of 11 are not allowed on the JSA tour. passport required on tour day
  • • For limited countries (Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, or a country in a civil war), please e-mail us a copy of your passport. (Pictures of yourself, Full English name and passport number that are clearly visible)
  • • Since the dress code is strict, you cannot participate in the tour when you wear a prohibited dress. (sleeveless shirts, torn or washed jeans, sportswear, short trousers, leather pants and skirts, military-look clothes, sandals, slippers, tight fitting clothes are prohibited)
  • • Cancellation will incur 100% of commission, so please be careful before booking.
  • • DMZ & JSA are under control of military. Tour schedule could be changed or cancelled without prior notice.

October 26 (FRI), 2018

2. Korean Culture Tour (English Guide)
Due to the circumstances of the Organizer, the program may change.
  • (1) Date: 26 October. Friday
  • (2) A program that introduces Korean Buddhism and the royal culture of the Joseon Dynasty
  • (3) Schedule: 13:00 to 17:30
    Departure at Hotel Walkerhill – Temple Bongeunsa - Gwanghwamun and Gyeongbok Palace (Watching Changing of the Guards Ceremony) – Palace Museum - Arrival at Hotel Walkerhill
<Matters to be attended>
  • • Thirty people limited.
  • • The entire course of the Korean culture tour program is hosted by Kim Hyeon-jung (CEO of Ji Sang Inc./Professor of Korean Art) and on the Gyeongbokgung tour, we will participating in a program which is explain in English.
  • • A sightseeing bus (A large bus) will be needed